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The Cauvery Neeravari Nigama Limited (CNNL) is a Government of Karnataka Enterprise being a special purpose vehicle, registered as a wholly owned Government  Company as per the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 on 4th June 2003 and Commencement of Business Certificate issued on 6th June 2003 with an authorized share capital of Rs.1500 Crores. The Company is managed by its Board of Directors. The HON'BLE CHIEF MINISTER, Government of Karnataka, is the Chairman of the Board, The HON'BLE MINISTER for Major and Medium Irrigation Government of Karnataka is the Vice-Chairman of the Board Comprising of other 10 Board of Directors including the Managing Director of the Nigama.

The Managing Director looks after the day-to-day affairs of the company. A team of professionally qualified and experienced personnel in various fields like Civil & Structural Engineering, Design, Finance, General Administration and Law assist the Managing Director.

The Nigama aims at

  • Planning and Design of Projects related to water resource.
  • Monitoring the progress of work.
  • Tracking field progress periodically by involving dedicated professional administrators, subject specialists, experienced engineers and other specialists in the field, in order to clear bottlenecks and ensure time bound implementation of work

The Main objectives of the company are:-

  • To complete the works of the on-going irrigation projects including Lift irrigation works, Minor irrigation works and Command Area Development Works (CADA) in the jurisdiction of Cauvery basin.
  • To maintain, operate, improve or modernize the Major and medium irrigation projects including Lift irrigation works , Minor Irrigation  and CADA works in the  jurisdiction of Cauvery basin. 
  • To render such assistance as may be required to the organizations engaged in to take necessary steps for the supply efficient distribution of drinking water to places within Cauvery basin.
  • To conduct comprehensive studies of the land and water use management practices and application of modern methods of irragation in the Command Areas of the existing and ongoing irrigation projects in the Cauvery basin, in order to optimize the agricultural production.
  • To promote and encourage the adoption of modern irrigation practices and technology such as sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.
  • To adopt appropriate measures to recharge the groundwater resources in the Cauvery basin and to  encourage conjunctive use of ground and surface waters
  • To educate farmers to adopt Participatory Irrigation Management for efficient and economic use of water.
  • To protect and improve the overall environment through appropriate measures, including treatment of the catchment and Command Areas by afforestation and creating eco-strips, etc
  • To adopt appropriate standards and modern techniques for construction and maintenance of irrigation projects.
  • To promote navigation, recreation, fisheries, etc., in the rivers or tributaries and the water bodies of the existing and on-going projects in the Cauvery basin.  




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